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22nd Annual DAAG Conference
A Decision Analytic Framework for Bayesian Updating of Probability of Success in Clinical Trials
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Accelerating the Journey to Decision Quality
Adventures in Decision Analytics
Aligning Decisions with our Values
Applying DA to early-stage venture investing
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Biased experts, biased decision makers: How to optimize the quality of judgments in Decision Analysis?
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Bridging Data Science and Data Quality
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Calibration in a Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis
Capacity Planning in the Biopharmaceutical Industry
Capacity Planning in the Biopharmaceutical Industry
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CSRA Meeting July 19 2018
CSRA Meeting June 21 2018
CSRA Meeting May 17 2018
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Decision Making Under Uncertainty in the Water Sector
Decision Professionals and Decision Professors: Synergies and Opportunities between Practitioners, Academics and Organizations
Decision Quality and Design Thinking
Decision Skills: Decision Quality Changes Lives
Decision Workshop and Fair - Lilly
Decision Workshop and Fair - Lilly (delete after Nov 2016)
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Discussion Forum Emotions and Decision Analysis
Donation Success
DQ and You ... Implementing Organizational Decision Quality - Five Companies, Five Journeys
DQ London 2018 - Agenda
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Emotions and Decision Analysis
Ethical Decision Quality (EDQ)
Ethical Decision Quality (EDQ)
Examples of Bringing Clarity and Insight to Societal Decisions
Experimenting with Values: Finding Your Meta-Strategy
Font Format Test
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Form Modal - SDM Researchers Program
From Controversy to Consensus: California's Offshore Oil Platforms
Fueling the Adoption of DQ
Group Decision Making: How can we make it work better?
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Heart of DA Webinar
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How Can a Board Frame and Manage Cyber Risk
How Software Enables High-Quality Decision Conversations
How to Get the Appropriate Decision Frame
How to Use the Value of Information to improve decision policy in Oil and Gas
Implementation of Decision Analysis: 20 Years of Building Chevron's DA Culture
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Interest Group/DecisionEducation
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Interest Group/Innovation
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June 2016 Membership Drive
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METALOGS + SIPMath = Chance-Informed Insights for Senior Decision Makers
Modeling Geographic Preferences for Policy Decisions
Networked Simulations with Stochastic Libraries
New to DQ (Decision Quality)?
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Payment Success
Personal and Life Choice Decisions
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Sharing Decision Quality with Young People is Fulfilling and Beneficial
Simulation of the Portfolio of COVID-19 Vaccines
Societal Decisions
Societal Decisions
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Stavanger Chapter Events
Technology Implementation at Capital One
Thank you for submission
The AI Advantage: Embracing Artificial Intelligence in Decision Making
The Five Rules of Actional Thought
The Raiffa-Howard Award
The Raiffa-Howard Award
The Raiffa-Howard Award
The Raiffa-Howard Award
Theme Results
Tips and How-To's
Turning Water into Wine: Decision Analysis Applied to Water Issues in the Heart of Napa Valley
Types of Models for Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis
Understanding, Predicting and Preventing bias
Value of Imperfect information in Excel without Decision Trees using SIPmath Simulation: A Case Study
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Virtual Decision-Modelling Workshops for Creating the Future
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Which Part of Your Data Analytics Dollar is Wasted
Why Does 21st Century Polling Fail? Why Do It?
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