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DAAG 2016







Plenary Sessions

Plenary Session 1:

Corporate and Organizational Decision Making

Chairs: Josh Harrison, Nexen (joshua.harrison@nexencnoocltd.com)
              Carl Spetzler, Strategic Decisions Group (cspetzler@sdg.com)
Abstract: This session is focused on the journey to ODQ (organizational decision quality) – i.e., the broad adoption of DQ in organizations. The highest award given by the SDP is the Raiffa-Howard award for ODQ. We will provide the opportunity to have new award recipients share their perspective, learnings, and advice. In addition, we will have a panel of examiners that will provide their insight from having served as in the evaluation process of applicants. Finally, we expect to present a self scoring instrument that will allow potential applicants to evaluate their current state of adoption along the ODQ maturity curve and identify areas for improvement.
Plenary Session 2:

Decision Analysis for Everyone!

Chairs: Tyler Ludlow, Eli Lilly (tludlow@lilly.com)
              Terry Karner, Deloitte (tkarner@deloitte.com)
Abstract: Many of us use Decision Analysis to create value within organizations, where project teams, decision consultants/facilitators, and decision boards exist in one shape or another. DA can also create value for individuals, who often fill all of these roles at one time. The contexts for these decisions are varied: day-to-day decisions in large businesses, small business decisions, medical decision making, parenting, etc. Ironically, this can arguably be viewed simultaneously as both DA at its most personal, while also representing the epitome organizational decision quality, when DA/DQ are truly a part of people’s DNA. This session will include presentations that discuss issues and considerations for the individual application of DA, an overview of organizations and efforts to equip everyone with decision skills, and how decision professionals can get involved.
Plenary Session 3:

Societal and Non-Profit Decision Making

Chairs: Laura Keating, Strategic Decisions Group (lkeating@sdg.com)
              Somik Raha, SmartOrg (sraha@smartorg.com)
              Pat Leach, Decision Strategies (pleach@decisionstrategies.com)
Abstract: Non-profits organizations often face decision-making challenges that differ from, and can be more complex than, those of typical business decisions. This session will showcase examples of recent non-profit and societal decisions where decision analysis played a key role in the decisionmaking process.
Plenary Session 4:

Capital Decision Making Under Resource Constrained Circumstances

Chairs: Leslie Lippard, Genentech (lippard.leslie@gene.com)
              Jim Weller, Endeavor Management (jweller@endeavormgmt.com)
Abstract: Multiple case studies will be presented related to capital decision making in a resource constrained (money, people with key skills sets, other constraints) environment. A variety of presentations related to capital project decisions and portfolio capital allocation decisions will be sought from industry (e.g. oil & gas, health care, technology) and organizations (government, nonprofit). These case studies are intended to demonstrate how something surprising came from applying DA principles or where a novel DA approach was used which produced a useful outcome of interest to DA professionals.
Plenary Session 5:

Medical Decision Making

Chairs: Kwon Kim, Strategic Decisions Group (kkim@sdg.com)
              Tyler Ludlow, Eli Lilly (tludlow@lilly.com)
              Onikepo Omotade, Decision Strategies (oomotade@decisionstrategies.com)
Abstract: This session will discuss challenges and best practices of decision making in the medical context, as part of an effort to regularly cross pollinate ideas and competencies between medical communities and DA professionals. Presentations will include:
      Discussion of latest insights from researchers at the Society for Medical Decision Making - communication of risk, eliciting preferences, behavioral aspects of decision making, decision education and training, etc.
      Case study of decision analysis being applied in the medical industry (hospitals, health care systems, insurance companies, etc)
      Decision making in global healthcare, which deals with challenges of delivering healthcare in developing countries
Plenary Session 6:

Unsolved Problems and Developing Ideas

Chairs: Jack Kloeber, Kromite (JKloeber@kromite.com)
              Jay Andersen, Eli Lilly (jsa@lilly.com)
Abstract: The session will be a fast moving one, with 5-8 speakers. We hope to engage creative thinkers in the audience as well as speakers who will present creative, but possibly not fully developed ideas and unsolved but important problems. We expect audience participation during the session with a flurry of follow up meetings and/or emails to the speakers with potential solutions or challenges. Each speaker will have 5-10 minutes to present an idea. Each idea must have a motivation behind it – either a key to solving a type of problem which comes up in an industry, or a creative idea for communicating, analyzing, or framing a decision problem which leads to better insight and more clarity.
Please send in your creative idea or tough, unsolved problem. Please also send in a short paragraph describing the motivation and your discussion plans. We will pick the top 5-8 ideas/problems and notify you.
Plenary Session 7:

The Cutting Edge of Decision Analysis

Chairs: Ellen Coopersmith, Decision Frameworks (Ellen@decisionframeworks.com)
              Pat Leach, Decision Strategies (pleach@decisionstrategies.com)
Abstract: Decision professionals are constantly pushing boundaries and creatively adapting the principles of DA to real-life situations. This session will focus on examples in which DA practitioners ad-libbed, incorporated new concepts, and broke new ground in the application of decision analysis to complex problems.

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