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SDP Hero Awards


Pioneer Award

The most prestigious SDP Award, reserved to those who made indelible contributions over an extended period of time that helps the profession of DA take root, develop its core practices, and extend its utility to new areas.

Past recipients

  • 2021 Larry Phillips, Emeritus Professor of Decision Science, London School of Economics
  • 2020 Howard Raffia and Ralph Keeney 
  • 2019 Ron Howard and Jim Matheson
  • 2018 Carl Spetzler


Recruiter of the Year Award

Honoring accomplishments in expanding the SDP member family, or sponsoring organizations.


Previous Recipients

  • 2021 Ellen Coopersmith and the Decision Frameworks Team
  • 2020 John Mauer and Somik Raha
  • 2019 Andrew Thrift and Basil Stumborg
  • 2018 Jeremy Walker and Craig McKnight


Volunteer of the Year Award

Honoring selfless, sincere, and durable contributions to SDP or to advancing societal progress through decision quality in civic, governmental and nonprofit domains.


Previous Recipients

  • 2021 Lee Failing, Robin Gregory and Graham Long
  • 2020 Jay Andersen
  • 2019 Tim Nieman
  • 2018 Frank Koch

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