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DAS/SDP Practice Award

DAS/SDP Practice Award


Purpose of the Award


The Decision Analysis Practice Award, a collaborative endeavor of the Decision Analysis Society (DAS) and the Society of Decision Professionals (SDP), seeks to recognize excellence in the field of decision analysis. This prestigious accolade is presented annually to the most outstanding decision analysis application, as appraised by a distinguished panel comprising members from both societies.

The award not only bestows honor but also includes a noteworthy $750 cash prize. Furthermore, as a testament to our commitment to furthering the reach and impact of the recipient's work, we offer valuable assistance in navigating the path to publication in a suitable journal, should the awardee wish to do so.

Additionally, the recipient of the Practice Award is extended a unique opportunity to share their expertise and insights. They are cordially invited to present their award-winning work at the Society of Decision Professionals Annual Conference and Workshops, formerly known as DAAG, the following spring. This platform provides a valuable avenue for the dissemination of groundbreaking ideas and advancements in the realm of decision analysis.


The Award Committee will use the following criteria:

  1. Clear framing of the decision using the principles of decision theory. 
  2. Quality and originality of the decision analysis techniques employed. 
  3. Centrality of the analysis to the client's decision-making process, taking account of the importance of the problem. 
  4. Benefits and importance of the decision analysis to the client, stakeholders, and the public. 
  5. Describe the next steps for the analysis. 

For more information visit:  https://www.informs.org/RecognizingExcellence/Community-Prizes/Decision-Analysis-Society/Decision-Analysis-Practice-Award  


Congratulations to 
the 2023 DAS/SDP Practice Award Winner!

The Decision Analysis Practice Award is sponsored jointly by the Decision Analysis Society and the Society of Decision Professionals. It is given annually to the best decision analysis application, as judged by a panel of members of both Societies. 


The winners were announced during the INFORMS conference that was held earlier this week in Phoenix, AZ.

This year the DAS/SDP Practice Award winning project, representing an outstanding contribution to the practice of Decision Analysis goes to: 



BY: Mónica Duarte Oliveira and Team Members Carlos A. Bana e Costa and Ana Vieira 

To address the challenge of effectively engaging many stakeholders and experts in real-world decision analysis processes, both for knowledge construction and for stakeholder engagement, we have developed the Collaborative Value Modeling (CVM) framework. The CVM combines large-scale participatory Web-Delphi processes with smaller-scale decision conferencing or workshop processes to promote agreement in different modeling stages of multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA).

2023 DAS/SDP Practice Award Finalist Presentations

We congratulate all of the 2023 finalists for their innovative projects, which show the breadth and impact of decision analysis research and practice.

TITLE: A Decision Support for Portfolio Capital Allocation for Internal Capital Market at Dow Chemicals

BY: Saurabh Bansal

TITLE: A Multi-attribute Decision Model to Evaluate Potential Investments in Near-Earth Object Detection Technologies

BY: Asa Palley and Team Members Thomas S. Palley, Victor Richmond R. Jose, Ralph Keeney and Mario Juric

TITLE: Fostering participation and knowledge construction processes in real settings through decision analysis and collaborative value modeling

BY: Mónica Duarte Oliveira and Team Members Carlos A. Bana e Costa and Ana Vieira

DAS/SDP Practice Award 2023 Committee Members

Gilberto Montibeller, Nadia Papamichail, Laura Keating & Patrick Leach




2022 DAS/SDP Practice Award Finalist Presentations



Past Awardees


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