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Society of Decision Professionals Charter


Why Do We Need a Society of Decision Professionals 

The term decision analysis has been part of the corporate and academic vernacular for the last half century. Despite acceptance of the term, actual usage of the methodology has not fulfilled its promise. Even when faced with the most difficult, complex, and risky decisions, the majority of Decision Makers do not turn to Decision Professionals for guidance. The reasons for this are many and varied, but it is clear that the profession has not been effective at conveying the value proposition and many Decision Makers have not even heard of Decision Analysis. Without a clear voice speaking for the profession as a whole, it is unlikely that the situation will change. This is what the Society of Decision Professionals aims to address.

However, simply making Decision Makers aware of the profession is not enough; we need to create the infrastructure and interconnections to support the development of the Society. The Society must create clear distinctions of competence and value creation in the minds of Decision Makers to be successful in creating a step change in understanding and adoption. It is not unreasonable for a Decision Maker to stipulate that a Decision Professional be accredited to assist on the most important decisions the Decision Makers face. As a profession we need to create standards and expectations of quality, ethics, and value to be delivered so that Decision Makers are comfortable that the people they turn to are suitably qualified, have the right level of experience and will genuinely help them. This implies that the Society needs to define a body of knowledge that constitutes the core of the profession and declare a code of ethics that we can all subscribe to.

The Society will foster collaboration, continual learning and networking amongst its members and other professional societies and organizations so that as a growing community we can truly serve the best interests of the Decision Maker. Finally, the Society of Decision Professionals will collaborate with the Decision Analysis Society in taking the latest developments in the field of Decision Analysis into practical application, thereby ensuring the sustainable long-term development of the field of Decision Analysis as a whole.

The Society of Decision Professionals


Decision Professionals are the advisors of choice when facing important and complex decisions. 


Members of the Society of Decision Professionals will create greater value for organizations, individuals, and stakeholders. We will:

  • Bring Decision Quality to important and complex decisions
  • Provide quality insights and direction through the use of practical tools and robust methodologies
  • Promote high professional standards and integrity in all work done by decision professionals
  • Advance the profession to the benefit of humankind through helping Decision Makers


To achieve the Society’s mission, the Society’s goals will be:

  • Promote the profession as the advisors of choice for Decision Makers, and serve the public interest:
    • Be an internationally recognized focus for promoting and facilitating high quality decision making
    • Share general speeches and undertake activities that introduce the public to the field
    • Organize a Decision Quality Speakers Bureau
    • Engage with entities that are promoting Decision Quality within society, such as the Decision Education Foundation
    • Facilitate the application of appropriate decision making techniques into areas where they are not currently used, or are used ineffectively, but may be of benefit
  • Establish, uphold and advance high standards of professional competency:
    • Define a body of knowledge that constitutes the core of the Profession
    • Design a process for certifying the professional level of members
    • Provide a forum for revising certification standards
    • Provide a forum for resolving disputes about malpractice
  • Foster continuing learning, collaboration, and networking within its membership:
    • Share best practices in all areas of professional practice
    • Work with the Decision Analysis Affinity Group and the Decision Analysis Society of INFORMS to bring forward new areas of application
    • Engage with partner organizations that support the needs of Decision Makers
    • Share development, training, education and career opportunities

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