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Governance of the Society of Decision Professionals


Board of Directors and Councils

SDP is guided by an elected Board of Directors and six Councils. SDP members are encouraged to participate in at least one Council, sharing insights, knowledge, and experience. Council participation is important to SDP's organizational growth, effectiveness, and visibility.

 Bylaws of the Society of Decision Professionals

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The Board of Directors

  • Governs the organization by establishing broad policies and objectives
  • Selects, appoints, supports and reviews the performance of the executive staff
  • Ensures the availability of adequate financial resources
  • Approves annual budgets
  • Accountable to the members for SDP's performance

SDP Councils:

Membership Council

  • Manages outreach programs to grow the member base for the society
  • Relates the concerns and aspirations of the members to the organization

Program Council

  • Proposes and develops the calendar of programs for the society
  • Oversees the organization of the major events
  • Works with other Councils on scheduling of meetings and topics

Web Strategy & Solutions Council

  • Oversees website development
  • Engages contractors and volunteers to develop additional functionality
  • Assists other Councils to make the website effective for all functions of the society
  • Grows the content available on the portal
  • Promotes user generated content on the portal
  • Council Home Page (for council members only)

Outreach Council

  • Creates and gathers publicity and promotion materials for the use of members
  • Encourages members to engage in PR activities to promote the profession
  • Organizes PR events around the profession
  • Sets up a speaker bureau
  • Engages with partner organizations that support the needs of Decision Makers

Certification Council

  • Develops and maintains the qualifications descriptions embodied in the career ladder
  • Develops and oversees the certification process for the levels of membership
  • Resolves conflicts about malpractice

Knowledge Sharing Council

  • Gathers DA insights and best practices 
  • Promotes the culture of sharing and attribution
  • Assists in growing the knowledge content available on the portal
  • Creates actual and virtual forums that facilitate the sharing of best practices—virtual forums consist of blogs, databases, and social networks;
  • Assure consistency of forum formats and design, and coordinates forum topics that overlap.

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