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The Raiffa-Howard Award






The Raiffa-Howard Award
The Raiffa-Howard Award
The Raiffa-Howard Award
The Raiffa-Howard Award
The Raiffa-Howard Award

Nominations or applications are accepted throughout the year.

The process culminates in the award being given at the annual SDP DAAG meeting. To be eligible for the next DAAG meeting, the application or nomination has to be made before the end of the prior summer.

The examination process starts in the summer with the selection of a panel of (5-7) examiners. The leader of the panel then coordinates with the nominee organization. The examination process completes in November, with a recommendation due in December. The approval process gets completed in January and the public announcements are prepared in February, leading up to the celebration and award ceremony at the March/April DAAG meeting.


The Raiffa-Howard Award
PDF China Mobile Raiffa-Howard Award


The Raiffa-Howard Award
PDF Chevron Raiffa-Howard Award PDF pfizer Raiffa-Howard Award PDF lilly Raiffa-Howard Award
The Raiffa-Howard Award
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Jay Andersen

Vincent Barabba

Phil Beccue

Warwick Blyth

Reidar Bratvold

Terry Bresnick

Ellen Coopersmith

Jim Driscoll

James Felli

Eric Johnson

Ralph Keeney

Jeffrey Keisler

William Klimack

Jack Kloeber

Frank Koch

William Leaf-Herrmann

David Leonhardi

James Matheson

Paul McNutt

Michael Menke

Larry Neal

Warner North

Daniel Owen

Gregory Parnell

Harry Saunders

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David Skinner

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