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DAAG 2014

DAAG 2014, Boston, March 26-28

View the full 2014 program here.


Session 1: 50 Years of Decision Analysis
- Keynote Speaker - Ron Howard

Session 2: Ubiquitous DA #1: Embedded DA
- Embedded versus Consultative Decision Analysis - Dave Matheson

Session 3: Ubiquitous DA #2: Decision Skills
- Teaching Decision Skills to the Front Line - Carl Spetzler
- Decision Analysis Applied to Volumes of Decisions - Paul Wicker
- Stranger in a Strange Land: Decision Support Techniques on the Project Management Planet - William Haskett

Session 4: DA in Healthcare Treatment Decisions
- Decision Analysis and Medical Decisions – A Personal Journey - Larry Neal
- Hindsight is 20-20 - Jeffrey Kiesler
- A DA on the Use of Anti‐coagulants for Children with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) or I Really Hate Bleeding! - Rob Kleinbaum and Ian Mutchnick

Session 5: Cases in Government Portfolio Analysis
- Portfolio decision analysis for U.S. Navy energy projects - Jonathan Schuldenfrei
- Decision Analysis Tools and Fisheries - Jason Link
- From Risk to Portfolio and Resilience Analysis for Emerging Threats - Igor Linkov

Session 6: Surprising Value Created by Framing
- Feeding the Frame – the Power of Oracle Trees and Other Tools to Feed the Frame - Ellen Coopersmith
- Experimenting with Values - Somik Raha
- The value of simple elegance ‐ Framing during Project Execution - Jim Weller
- Decision Framing: Let’s Improvise - Charles Alsdorf
- Why Calculate the Value Proposition? - Jerry Lieberman

Session 7: Incentive Systems Facilitated Dialogue

Session 8: Next Big Challenges for Decision Practitioners

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