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Tuesday, January 17th | 6:00 – 7:00 pm AEDT

Decision Making Lexicon

With Steve Begg
Hosted by Shona Bernard Chandler
A lexicon is the vocabulary of a branch of knowledge. Watch this webinar to familiarise yourself with the language of decision making. Making better decisions begins with having a good understanding of key decision making concepts and language.

In this webinar our speaker Steve Begg will focus on the most useful concepts, and those most prone to misconception in decision making. Steve notes that ‘words are sounds that label ideas and concepts so that we can think and communicate about them. To be efficient, avoid errors and confusion, it is useful to have a common set of labels that we use to refer to those concepts/ideas. Sometimes our labels are closely aligned with their every-day meaning and other times they can be quite different’. The intention of this webinar is to bring clarity to the communication of decision making. There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the session.

Steve Begg is an Emeritus Professor at the Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide. His focus is on tools and processes for decision-making under uncertainty; project/asset and portfolio evaluations; and psychological factors in eliciting expert opinions.


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