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2023 SDP Annual Conference
C. Baldwin Hotel, Houston, Texas

Dates: March 20 - 24, 2023
The Society of Decision Professionals announces our 2023 SDP Annual Conference as an in-person event for the 1st time in 3 years. AND, if attendees can’t break away to get to Houston, we will be offering the conference as a "live" stream with a 90 day playback. The date for the conference is March 21–23, 2023, with workshops on March 20 and 24. Our host city is Houston, TX, at the C. Baldwin Hotel.

We are fortunate to have a big team of volunteers helping to create the perfect 3-day conference experience for our attendees. The agenda includes a focus on an industry stream by day. Day 1 is Life Science & Environmental, Day 2 is Technology & Manufacturing, and Day 3 is Energy & Sustainability. We have over 30 speakers planned with several opportunities for networking.

Our workshops will be at the front and back ends of the conference (March 20 and 24). These workshops include both practical and theoretical applications.

The 2023 SDP Annual Conference is expecting more than 200 attendees. Delegates represent decision professionals, decision makers, and project managers from multiple industries, including energy, pharma, airline, automobile, space, government, and many others.

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