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DAAG 2015

DAAG 2015, Huntington Beach, April 8-10

View the full 2015 program here.


Session 1: Decision Makers: Decision Making & Organizational Effectiveness
- Keynote Speaker - Richard Mills

Session 2: Decisions and Change Management - Leading from the Middle
- Asking is Better than Telling - Katherine Rosback
- Leading from the Middle: Organizational Resource Decisions and Risk Mitigation - Todd Ford

Session 3: Metrics of Value

Session 4: The Heart of Decision Analysis

- Improved Decision Quality: One Decision at a Time - Karen Sepucha

Session 5: Building Decision Bench Strength
- Building Decision Bench Strength - Ellen Coopersmith and Tyler Ludlow

Session 6: Decision Education Foundation: Introducing Decision Quality to Students
- The Path to an Engaging Decision Quality Curriculum for People of all Ages and Backgrounds - Drew Annis
- Decision Education at Thurston High School, Springfield, OR - Amy Stranieri
- Using Cities to Teach Economics and Resource Management - Jim Felli

Session 7: Case Studies
- From controversy to consensus: Decommissioning California's offshore oil platforms - Max Henrion
- Portfolio and Decision Analysis and The Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance - Jon Mauer
- Cutting Costs without Cutting the Future - Dave Matheson

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