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DAAG 2003

DAAG 2003, Houston, May 14-15

The full 2003 program is not available as a saved file. The program is captured below.


Session 1: Portfolio Analysis
- Managing an R&D Portfolio Process in Real Time - Jay Andersen
- Global optimization of portfolio or therapeutic area level optimization? - Vish Viswanathan
- Value-driven portfolios - Jim Felli
- Portfolio Analysis as a Life Cycle Management Tool (for Fun and Profit) - Dave Charlesworth

Session 2: Six Sigma
- What is Six Sigma? - What is Six Sigma?
- You Say, "Tomaahto,” I Say, "Tomayto:” Six Sigma and D and RA Applied at ConocoPhillips - Carleton Jensen
- Six Sigma and Decision Analysis: Perspectives from Bi-Process Practitioners, Panel Discussion - Theresa Mason, Carleton Jensen, Katherine Rosback, Jeevan Rego

Session 3: Case Studies I
- Scenario Driven Business Cases - Gary Brauer
- IT Projects Are Like Other Investments - Jerry Lieberman
- Boeing Strategic Sourcing/outsourcing Decision - Jeff Roberts

Session 4: Value of Information
- How to Value Imperfect Information ( ? ) - Ron Allred
- Are You Sure Your Proof of Concept Studies Add Value? - David Swank and Lee Hodge
- Value of Imperfect Information with a Risk Adverse Decision Maker - Brian Putt

Session 5: Keynote Speaker
- Of Space Shuttles, Legal Logic, and Decisions - Tom Spradlin

Session 6: Decision Models on the Fringe of DA
- Multi-Criteria Tools and DA - Paul Davis
- Application of Game Theory to Business Decisions - Christine Clarke

Session 7: Case Studies II
- Application of Attrition to Resource Forecasts - Bill Reid
- Use of a DA Process to Develop a Petroleum Upstream Fiscal and Regulatory Regime - Tony Kenck
- Structured Process for Developing a Performance Confirmation Plan for the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository - Tim Nieman, Karen Jenni, John Beesley, James Blink, James Duguid, Barry Goldstein, Ahmed Monib

Session 8: Communication
- Effectively Communicating the Benefits of Decision Analysis to Executives - Jennie Rice

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