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Effectively Communicating the Benefits of Decision Analysis to Executives

Presenter: Jennie Rice, MDM Consulting

Presented at the 2003 DAAG Conference in Houston, Texas.

Abstract: Why hasn't DA taken the corporate world by storm? This presentation will address the issues in communicating DA to senior management. It is important to recognize that the communication challenges seen by practitioners may not be the same issues affecting the success of DA from the executive perspective. For example, as practitioners, we tend to emphasize the distinction between decisions and outcomes, the value of clarifying decision objectives, and DA's ability to rigorously handle data uncertainties and risk as some of its key benefits.

Do these analytically-based features resonate with executives, and if not, what does or could? Insights from interviews with executives familiar with DA from the following industries will be presented: manufacturing, software, health care, telecommunications, logistics, and venture capital.

In addition, the insights gained from teaching executive-level DA seminars will be summarized.

Keywords: implementation of da implda, organizational challenges orgcap, 

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