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DAAG 2016

DAAG 2016, Banff, April 6-8

View the full 2016 program here.


Keynote Speaker
- Exploring Management Options in the Grand Canyon with Formal Decision Analysis - Mike Runge

Session 1: Corporate and Organizational Decision Making
- The Journey to Organizational Decision Quality - Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Chevron

Session 2: Decision Analysis for Everyone!
- Bringing DEF Training to Kids in Your Life Through Corporate Partners - Amy Day

Session 3: Societal and Non-Profit Decision Making
- DA for Financial Sustainability in a Conservation Org - Esteban A. Guerrero
- The ABCDs of Informal DA in Neighborhood Non-profits - Enrico Manlapig
- Supporting Landscape Level Planning and Management with DA-facilitated Integrated Science Modeling - Karen Jenni and Tim Nieman

Session 4: Capital Decision Making Under Resource Constrained Circumstances
- Turning the Supertanker: Structured Decision‐Making at BC Hydro - Basil Strumborg
- A Must Do Project Without the Required Capital - Jerry Lieberman

Session 5: Medical Decision Making
- Improved Drug Treatment Decisions Through Consistent Benefit‐Risk Tradeoffs - Jack Kloeber

Session 6: Unsolved Problems & Developing Ideas
- What If We Are Wrong? Asymmetric Risk Assessment - Bill Haskett
- Real Estate Diagrams - Jim Felli
- Decision Analysis Concepts and Other Approaches - Henk Krijnen
- When is Enough, Enough? - Elayne Ko
- Overthrowing the Tyranny of Economics - Patrick Leach

Session 7: The Cutting Edge of Decision Analysis
- Modeling Ordered Uncertainties - Jon Mauer

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