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DA for Financial Stability in a Conservation Org

Presenter: Esteban Guerrero, SmartOrg

Presented at the 2016 DAAG Conference in Banff, Alberta, Canada.  In Session 3: Societal and Non-Profit Decision Making

Abstract: Global efforts to address Climate Change and other Sustainability challenges are becoming self-sustaining themselves. Conservation organizations are beginning to use financial mechanisms to build investment funds to secure conservation efforts in perpetuity. Debt swaps, one such type of financial mechanism, are highly complex, are negotiated at the highest level of the social-public-private junction, consider decades-long time horizons, and are therefore highly uncertain. This talk will show how Portfolio Decision Analysis made a big dent in helping financially lay project champions understand and manage the complexity of debt swaps, and discover the potential that sustainable finance mechanisms have to fund many other conservation undertakings.. Keywords: portfolio decision analysis portda, societal decisions socdec, tornado chart torncht, NGO

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