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A Must Do Project Without the Required Capital

Presenter: Jerry Lieberman, Endeavor Management

Presented at the 2016 DAAG Conference in Banff, Alberta, Canada.  In Session 4: Capital Decision Making Under Resource Constrained Circumstances

Abstract: This Case Study illustrates several ideas with widespread applicability for developing an economically viable project in a severely resource constrained environment.  While the Case is for a brownfield oil and gas asset, the ideas, while not novel, are intended to stimulate innovative approaches across industries for projects faced with severe resource constraints. The Case involves an already producing oilfield in shallow water that needs a major capital investment to sustain production.  Since most oil companies today are severely constrained on capital and cash flow, major new capital investments are typically not considered.  We illustrate some ideas like constructing an 80 / 20 cost solution, violating normal practice constraints, using someone else’s capital, and reframing the project to improve economic viability. Keywords: framing framestruc tools framtool, constraints, alternatives generation altgen, 

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