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Nov. 21, 2019 (7:00 PM)

Expected Duration: 90 Minutes

SDP San Francisco Chapter Meeting

Boards and senior management have been told they have an affirmative duty to manage risk and security and accurately report to stakeholders the material risks associated with cyber assets and operation. The SEC requires public companies to treat cyber risk as an enterprise risk and to disclose material cyber risk as they would any other enterprise risk. The National Association of Corporate Directors instructs board member similarly: to treat cyber risk as an enterprise risk and to be directly engaged in its management.

But, how can a governing board frame questions, make well informed and high-quality decisions, and then govern action upon these responsibilities? What is the central question at issue? What is the information needed to inform decisions? What logic can a board rely upon to make high quality decisions? What makes for an effective decision consistent with the board’s decision-making process style? These questions are what Mike Jerbic will elaborate upon and answer.

During the presentation participants will be able to ask questions of the panelists directly over GoToMeeting, or on the Chat window. After Mike’s presentation we will hold a round table discussion with participants to understand how they might view cyber risk either in their company or in their personal lives.

For this meeting, there is no single physical meeting site. Participants will use GoToMeeting individually or in small groups. We hope this format will enable you to easily participate in the SF Chapter meeting.

Location: GoToMeeting

Nov. 15, 2018 (5:30 PM)

SDP San Francisco Chapter - Inaugural Meeting

SDP is organizing a Chapter in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area (SDPSF).  The SDP San Francisco chapter is a way for all of us in the greater Bay Area to get to know each other and to share best practices on a regular basis. If you are not yet familiar with SDP, more information can be found at www.decisionprofessionals.com


Location: Strategic Decision Group offices

Address: 951 Mariner's Island Blvd. Suite 400, San Mateo, CA 94404

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