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DAAG 2006

DAAG 2006, Baltimore, March 29-31

The full program is not available. Archived talks are listed in alphabetical order.


- Keynote: Staying Relevant and Creating Enduring Value - Greg Parnell
- Developing a Portfolio Management System: Values and Tradeoffs - Phil Beccue and Chris Dalton
- Evaluation and Decision-making - Jonathan Barzilai
- Following a Lead: Analysis of in-licensing a follow-on oncology compound - Ajoy Chakrabarti
- How to Convince a Large DoD Agency to Use Decision Analysis for Budgeting - David Caswell, William Hensley, Greg Parnell, Bill Klimack, Donald Buckshaw
- Metaphor Mapping - Jim Felli
- Paired Value Comparison as a Consensus-building Tool for Multiparty, Multi-attribute Decisions - Dave Charlesworth
- Portfolio Decision Quality Adds Value - Jeffrey Kiesler
- Quantifying and Mitigating Splitting Biases in Value Trees - Sarah Jacobi and Benjamin Hobbs
- Risk Analysis and Major Project Miscommunications - Paul McNutt
- Should You Trust Your Gut? Psychological weaknesses in human beings when we try to make decisions in the face of uncertainty - Pat Leach
- Using Decision Analysis and Behavioral Decision Making in Organizational Decisions - Rakesh Sarin
- Using Monte Carlo Simulations in Multi-Attribute Decision Analysis - George Huhn
- Valuing Information Plans - Ellen Coopersmith
- Valuing Relevant Information When It May Be Ignored - Steven Greidinger
- Who uses Decision Analysis, and Why? - Bob Clemen, Kelly See, Guy McCumber
- Winning an Exacta: Want a Step Change in Investment Returns? - Jim Weller and Jerry Lieberman

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