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DAAG 2009

DAAG 2009, Indianapolis, May 18-19

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Session 1: Decision Analysis: Professional and Profession
- Professional and Profession - Carl Spetzler, David Thompson and H. Razavi

Session 2: DA in Public Service-Government
- Using Decision Analysis to Select Strategic Partners - Hal Wilson
- Prioritizing Terrorism Vulnerability Analyses for Critical Infrastructure Sectors - Don Kleinmuntz and Henry Willis
- Using Decision Analysis with the Operational Air Force - Stephen Chambal and Jeffrey Cochran

Session 3: Portfolio Decision Making: Successes and Challenges
- Measuring Flow Rates for Projects in an R&D Portfolio: A Case Study - Jay Andersen
- Intelligent Adversary Risk Analysis: Defender-Attacker-Defender Probabilistic Risk Analysis Models - Greg Parnell, Chris Smith, Fred Moxley
- Best of Breed Portfolio Management - Organizational Characteristics - Carl Spetzler

Session 4: Decision Making Under High Volatility
- Volatility, Recency Effects, and the Decision Maker - Larry Neal
- Using Decision Analysis to Improve Efficiency - Steve Uhl
- Game Theory and Player Volatility - Niall Fraser

Session 5: Twists in DA
- Retooling GM’s Culture - Rob Kleinbaum
- IT Investments can be Compared to Other Investments - Jerry Lieberman
- From Discovery to Successful Implementation Predicting Organizational Change Preparedness - Phillip Decker

Session 6: Is This Worth It? Using DA to Measure Benefit Against Risk
- Using the Hippocratic Oath to  Provide a Surrogate for Client  Utility Functions - Robert Bordley
- Frame size matters in the public debate on mammography - Marilyn Metcalf
- Quantitative Benefit-Risk - Jim Felli

Session 7: Case Studies
- An R and D Asset Development Decision Utilizing Lillys Quality Decision Process - Charles Persinger
- The Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) Proposal Value Model - Jeff Weir, Ken Bauer and Shane Knighton

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