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Decision Analysis Framing and Structuring Analysis and Modeling Organizational Capability Additional Topics Soft Skills and Facilitation Framing Tools and Methods Multi-Attribute and Value Focused Thinking Uncertainty and Risk Analysis Modeling VOI, VOC, Real Options Portfolio Decision Analysis Implementation of DA Training and Development Embedded DA Cognitive Biases Negotiations and Game Theory Societal Decisions Personal and Life Choice Decisions


The DecisionPedia is a set of informational pages, organized as a hierarchy of decision analysis topics. Various information and resources are accessible within this structure, including SDP Library items such as webinars, conference presentations, and others. The intent is to use this format to continue adding to the body of knowledge available to members.

The hierarchy allows the user to drill down into topical areas to see more detail or different sub-topics. The image at the left shows the top 3 levels of the hierarchy, and is "clickable". Note that this does not represent the entirety of the content - there are additional layers to the hierarchy that are available as you navigate down.

Library Resources

As you navigate within a topic, we will provide a subset of Library and other resources that are relevant to that topic. The links below provide access to all of the Library resources, by resource type, and by application area.

Webinars - DA Fundamentals Series
Webinars - Invited Talks
DAAG Presentations
Books and Publications

Applications in Energy
Applications in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
Applications in Government and the Military
Applications in Non-Profit and Societal Decisions

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