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DAAG 2005

DAAG 2005, Philadelphia, April 20-21

The full program is not available. Archived talks are listed in alphabetical order.


- 2 Stage Stochastic Programming Approach for R&D Project Selection - Krishna Chepuri
- A Multi-Objective Market Assessment Process - Steve Mack
- DA Education: How Do They Do That?
- Drug Delivery Devices - A Decision Analysis - Alfons Lieftucht and Lee Hodge
- Factored stochastic tree modeling for medical decision making - Gordon Hazen
- Historic Studies on the Psychology of Decision Making - Jessica Hayden and Harry Eckerson
- How to win friends and influence deal terms - Ajoy Chakrabarti
- Modeling the global latent therapeutic demand for hemophilia A - Jeff Stonebreaker and Donald Keefer
- Partition Dependence and Subjective Probabilities: Problem and Solution - Bob Clemen, Craig Fox, Canan Ulu
- Portfolio Management at HP - Michael Menke
- Scenario-Based Project Planning - Frank Miller
- Texas Hold ‘Em (DA Approaches to IT) - Jim Weller and Jerry Lieberman

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