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DAAG 1998

DAAG 1998, San Francisco, April 1-3

The full program is not available. Archived talks are listed in alphabetical order.


- Analysis of Where to Hold DAAG - John Palmer
- Assessing Ranges - John Palmer
- Championing DA: The Front End of DA - Steve Woodruff
- Client Decision Education at General Motors - E. Smith
- Killing Off Your Company through Portfolio Analysis - Bill Haskett
- Improving Decision Making in an Organization - John Palmer and Jim Aitken
- Organizational Aspects Impacting Adoption of Quality Decision Making - F. Rolle
- Portfolio Strategy Selection Under Uncertainty - Brian Putt
- Project Selection of an Aluminum Alloy - GM
- Thinking of Values at Lilly - Tom Spradlin
- To Expand DA, Adopt a High-Tech Marketing Strategy - James Mitchell

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