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SDP Webinar - Jan 2017

Capacity Planning in the Biopharmaceutical Industry 

Jan 11, 2017

8-9 am PT | 11-12 pm ET 

Speaker: Phil Beccue, White Deer Partners, Inc.
Moderator: Enrico Manlapig, Westmont College  

Making long-term commitments with large capital investments in biological manufacturing facilities requires a careful balancing of supply and demand.  Decision-makers struggle with two competing issues:  the risk of under-supply that results in lost value to patients, profits, and brand reputation; and the possibility of over-supply that results in underutilized assets.  Forecasting demand for 20 years, a key element for these decisions, is highly uncertain due to external competition, internal cannibalization, and disruptive technologies.  Our team recently employed decision analysis techniques to bring confidence on the best path forward for meeting product demand and maximizing long-term value to the business.

This webinar will inspire newer DA professionals and advanced students with practical ideas to:

-Help business leaders move from deterministic to probabilistic thinking

-Employ tornado sensitivity analyses to focus attention

-Simplify complexity for busy managers with short attention spans

-Achieve unbiased forecasts from biased experts



Phil Beccue is the founder of White Deer Partners, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in the application of decision analysis, financial modeling, portfolio optimization, and risk analysis to strategic business problems.  As a decision analysis practitioner and consultant, Phil has helped companies develop corporate and asset strategies and improve portfolio management and business operations.  Phil was a consultant with Applied Decision Analysis for 9 years, and led internal teams at Amgen and Baxter for 12 years in portfolio management and decisions analysis projects. 

Phil’s consulting and executive teaching include work for international corporations, small businesses, and government agencies.  He has trained over 1000 managers and senior executives on the principles and processes of strategic decision-making.  He is a frequent speaker in executive decision programs, won the Decision Analysis Practice Award, is a contributing author of Advances in Decision Analysis, a founding fellow of the Society of Decision Professionals, and served on the leadership council of the Decision Analysis Society.  He has received degrees from Westmont College in liberal arts and Stanford University in Management Science Engineering.


Dr. Enrico Manlapig is an Associate Professor of Economics and Business at Westmont College, where he teaches classes in DA and management science, game theory, econometrics, and finance.  Before coming to Westmont, Enrico was a consultant in the Capital Efficiency at Deloitte Financial Advisory Services and before that, a consultant in the Applied Decision Analysis practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers Financial Advisory Services.  He holds degrees in economics and finance from Columbia University and the University of Queensland. 

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