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Adventures in Decision Analytics

An SDP Sponsor Webinar featuring Kromite, LLC

Oct 17, 2018 | SDP Free Webinar

8-9 am PT | 11-12 pm ET 


This webinar comprises two parts. Pro Bono explores working with a nonprofit organization vexed with a decision about fundraising options. Visualization and Decision Inventory is a look at some very interesting approaches Kromite is taking to help businesses identify the most impactful message from their data.

Pro Bono
For five years, Young Audiences of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania (YA) has been hosting the Dazzle gala as their primary fundraising event. While successful at raising funds, Dazzle has been time and effort intensive, causing leadership to question whether they should continue or find an alternative primary fundraising strategy. This problem was approached using Multiple Objective Decision Analysis (MODA). The experience of working through this process with a non-profit organization like YA was new and enlightening.

Kromite and YA collaborated through the Informs Pro-Bono Analytics program to systematically work through the decision process. The MODA process resulted in the identification of three clear standouts for a primary fundraising program.

Visualization and Decision Inventory
Making a high-quality decision is a hot issue in decision analytics. While machine learning and AI are being touted in this age of big data, we have found that Data Visualization is as important in many of our projects. It helps us frame the decision, identify interesting or confusing relationships, identify potential solutions, and definitely helps us gain insights and describe them to our clients. We show two Kromite data visualization tools as examples. Patient Flow Simulator is a mathematical model designed to simulate the progression of patients through stages of a disease. Decision Inventory Tool will help leaders, controllers and portfolio managers plan better, react better and share financial and budget status with more transparency. Both tools help in identifying issues, model risk and uncertainty, and then allow clients to interact with them to identify creative alternatives.



Jack Kloeber, Principal, Kromite
Jack is a retired US Army LTC with experience in R&D portfolio management, decision analysis, and modeling and simulation. Jack taught mathematics at West Point and decision analysis at the Air Force Institute of Technology. Post-retirement, he led the Portfolio Management effort first for Bristol-Myers Squibb and, subsequently, for J&J Pharma Services. Jack joined KROMITE LLC as Senior Partner in 2007 and became the owner in 2012. He is a Founding Fellow of the Society of Decision Professionals as well as a Past President.
Emilia Silebi, Consultant, Kromite
Emilia is a consultant with expertise in data analytics and statistical/mathematical modeling. She was part of the Kromite and Syngenta team which won the 2016 DAS Practice Award.

 Xixi Chen, Consultant, Kromite 

Xixi is a consultant who specializes in data visualization, portfolio optimization and risk management. She holds a Master's degree in Analytical Finance from Lehigh University.

Scott Evans, Portfolio Curator, Markamind
Scott has a career spanning 20+ years where he has developed in-depth first-hand experience on the need to prioritize the best projects. He has learnt what happens when there is a lack of transparency and the need to build growth portfolios that turn strategy into action.


Matt Gorman, Operations, Kromite

Matt is a career management consultant with experience in several industries. His focus is the area of data analytics, risk management, project portfolio management and client relationship management. He holds a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering and an MBA – both from Villanova University.

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