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DAAG Presentations

DAAG Presentations through the years 

This page provides access to all archived DAAG Conference presentations, by year, that are available on this site.

You can also view and search DAAG content via the SDP Library or through the DecisionPedia.

2021 - Online
2020 - Online
2019 - Denver
2018 - Vancouver
2017 - New Orleans
2016 - Banff
2015 - Huntington Beach
2014 - Boston
2013 - Austin
2012 - Chicago
2011 - Houston
2010 - Orlando
2009 - Indianapolis
2006 - Baltimore
2005 - Philadelphia
2004 - San Francisco
2003 - Houston
2002 - Las Vegas
2001 - Houston
2000 - Calgary
1999 - Orlando
1998 - San Francisco


About DAAG

The Decision Analysis Affinity Group (DAAG) is an informal group of decision professionals who gathered annually since 1995 to share ideas on the application and practice of decision analysis. Their only organization structure was the committee that planned the following year's conference, Therefore the term "DAAG" is mostly used to describe both the event and the people that attend it. When SDP formed, a decision was made to neither duplicate nor compete with this practitioner conference. "DAAG” is now the annual conference of SDP, organized and run by SDP. It brings together decision professionals and decision makers from multiple industries to share ideas, successes, and failures. In addition, each year SDP organizes a day of workshops on the day prior to, and in the same location as the conference.

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