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DAAG 2018

DAAG 2018, Vancouver, April 10-13

View the full 2018 program here.


Session 1: From Data to Decisions
- Big Data, Decision Analysis, and the Art of Bus Maintenance - Max Henrion
- Ensemble-based Decision Making - Geir Evensen
- Big Data and its Implications for Probability Assessment and DA Practice - Chris Dalton

Session 2: Culture, and Its Impact on Decision-Making
- Connections Among Organizational & Personal Decision Frameworks - John Chachere
- Building an Environment of Strong Decision Making Capability at Chevron – What We Have Achieved and What We Have Learned - Walt Szopiak

Keynote Presentation:
- Real Life Framing: St. Thomas’ Episcopal Post Hurricane Harvey – Eleanor Bergin, Retired Hess 

Session 3a: Leveraging Failure
- Xtreme Facilitation – Hard Lessons from the Trenches - Keith Gardner
- Project Selection Is the Key to Leveraging Failure Productively - David Matheson

Session 3b: Decision What? Beginning a Sustainable DQ Journey
- Kickstarting Your DQ Journey via the Introduction of DA - Joe Kralik

Session 4: Risk Management versus Decision Analysis – Do we need both?
- The Failure of Risk Management: Why It's Still Broken and How to Fix It - Doug Hubbard
- The Upside of Risk - Carl Spetzler
- The Evolving Role of Risk Management Professionals - Christine Maligec

Session 5: Emotions and DA: Is There a Role for Emotions and Meaning in Decision Analysis?
- Evolution of emotions and decision analysis (DA) - Elayne Ko, Eyas Raddad, Somik Raha

Session 6: Involving Communities of Interest in the Decision Process
- Fairer Fares: Engaging Citizens And Decision Makers in Tradeoff Decisions For Public Transit - Lyle Walker
- The Times They Are A Changin’: A Structured Decision Making (SDM) Approach to Managing Coastal Flood Risks from Sea-Level Rise In Vancouver, British Columbia - Christian Beaudrie
- Integrating First Nations perspectives in the impact assessment process - Julian Gonzalez

Session 7: Embedded Decision Quality – The Ultimate Goal…Many Paths?
- Enterprise-wide decision-making at Manitoba Hydro - Boudewijn Neijens
- Embedding DQ into exploration prospect risking at Nexen and new venture valuation at Noble - Joshua Harrison, Yachtze Luchin and Ellen Coopersmith
- Achieving large scale DA by embedding it in process and software, illustrated through case examples in R&D - David Matheson

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