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Fairer Fares: Engaging Citizens And Decision Makers in Tradeoff Decisions For Public Transit

Presenter: Lyle Walker, TransLink

Presented at the 2018 DAAG Conference in Vancouver.  In Session 6: Involving Communities of Interest in the Decision Process

Abstract: TransLink – the regional transportation authority for Metro Vancouver - is conducting a major review of how it prices fares on its transit system. The purpose is to develop a fairer fare system and an exceptional customer experience while keeping revenues at the same levels. This means fares for some trips will be higher and others lower than today. How do you make fares fairer while at the same time balancing off objectives of simplicity, minimizing adverse impacts of fare increases and fostering transit ridership? How can we make the process and tradeoffs accessible for the public so they can weigh in on the options which will impact them? Lyle will share his insights and lessons learned from using Structured Decision Making tools and innovative engagement techniques in this very public-facing process where over 55,000 survey responses were received from three rounds of consultation.

Keywords: multi objective multobj, societal decision socdec, cognitive biases cogbias, fairness, public policy

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