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DAAG 2010

DAAG 2010, Orlando, April 21-22

The full program is not available. Archived talks are listed in alphabetical order.


- A Pilot Risk Analysis Study for an IBM Services Delivery Location - Bonnie Ray and Debarun Bhattacharjya
- Building Organizational Decision Quality - Carl Spetzler
- ConocoPhillips’ journey to full quantitative assessment of project cost and schedule - Paul McNutt
- Convince or Persuade? - Ron Howard
- Case Study: Decision Analysis for New Atherosclerosis Drug Assessing Consistent Probabilities of Success for Drug Development Decision Analysis - Dave Swank
- Engaging and Retaining DA Practitioners - Jerry Ruhland
- Impact of Manufacturing Strategy On Portfolio Prioritization - Andharia
- Improving the process of balancing benefits and risks in approving drugs - Lawrence Phillips
- Insights from the Brain Sciences for Decision Professionals - Carl Spetzler
- Making Trade Space Value Models and Enterprise Capability Analysis for the U.S. Intelligence Community - Freeman Marvin
- Nassim Taleb's Black Swan and Decision Analysis - Jack Kloeber
- Project Derailed? Finding Timeline Drivers to Get Back on Track - Johnson
- Quantitative benefit-risk assessment: An analytical framework for a shared understanding of the effects of medicines - Patrick Ryan
- Strategy, Portfolio & Risk Management - A Value-driven ERM Perspective - SDG
- Transforming the Culture of Strategic Decision-making for a Biotech Organization - Phil Beccue
- Using Decision Analysis to Select Communications Research Projects - Hal Wilson and Don Buckshaw
- Walking a Mile in the Shoes of the Decision Maker - Jay Andersen

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