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Shared Decision Making Summit 2018









Who Should Attend?

To be most effective, participants at the Summit are expected to strike a balance: senior enough to initiate and approve strategies for their organization, yet close enough to operations that they have a feel for opportunities and constraints.  While below are some general suggestions, in the end the individual person (open to new ideas, big thinker, patient-centered, etc) is more important than the title.

      • Non-profits and simlar - Attendees will likely be some of their most senior leaders: CEO's, Presidents, Vice Presidents, etc.  In most cases these organizations will send 1 or 2 attendees.
      • Industry companies - Atetndees will be senior leaders, but likely not executives.  A good rule of thumb is VP +/- a level as organizational structures and scope dictate.  There may be 1 or 2 attendees from different parts of the company for each topic (see full topic descriptions), ie, the heads of the following groups: 
            • Topic 1 - Clinical Trial Enrollment - Clinical Operations/Clinical Innovation
            • Topic 2 - Real World Data - Health/Patient Outcomes, Real World Evidence
            • Topic 3 - Patient Mindset - Customer/Patient Experience Groups (could be Med Affairs, Marketing/Commercial, Patient advocacy, Public Policy)
            • Topic 4 - Provider Culture - Provider Education/Environment Shaping (could be from same functions list for topic 3)

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