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Decision Science Workshop & Fair at Lilly

What is your teen doing during Fall Break?

Our teenagers face tough decisions:

      • What do I do after high school?  Do I join the military or go to college?  If college, which one?
      • Which electives should I choose at school?  Sports, music, clubs, what else?
      • How do I prioritize my time?
      • Which friends should I hang out with more?  Should I tell that guy/girl that I like them?

Give them the skills to face these questions and more, by signing up for this 2-part program:

      • Part 1 - Decision Skills Workshop
      • Part 2 - Decision Fair


Part 1 - Decision Skills Workshops, Oct 19-21

All workshops

Workshop A

    • $40 fee
    • 19-20 Oct (2 days)
    • 8th-12th graders
    • Limited to 40 students
    • optional mini-class for parents (9-11am, 19 Oct)

Workshop B

    • $20 fee
    • 21 Oct (1 day)
    • 8th-12th graders
    • Limited to 45 students
    • optional mini-class for parents (9-11am, 21 Oct)

Workshop C

    • $40 fee
    • 19-21 Oct (3 days)
    • 11th-12th graders
    • Limited to 5 students
    • participant in Workshop A
    • junior facilitator for Workshop B
    • stay until 5pm on 20 Oct
    • optional mini-class for parents (9-11am, 19 Oct)

A limited number of scholarships are available. To be considered, please submit this application.


Part 2 - Decision Fair, Nov 10

Armed with knowledge and skills from their workshop, the teens will return from Thu evening, 10 Nov, to participate in a Decision Fair.  It's essentially a science fair, but instead of petri dishes and potato guns, they will present a poster outlining how they applied decision science to a decision they face in their lives.

Parents and family members are invited to the Decision Fair event, which will be held at Lilly's Corporate Center Campus.  Judges will be Lilly employees steeped in the science of decision-making.  Two finalists will win a $150 cash card, and be invited to participate in the International Decision Fair, where the grand prize winner will receive an all-expense-paid trip to New Orleans and present at the annual meeting for the Society of Decision Professionals.


Register for Workshop and Fair

Equip your teenager with one of life's most needed skills by signing them up now.  Through this program they will:

      • Participate in a fun, game oriented, active course
      • Understand the Five Essentials of Good Decision-Making
      • Create decision policies for themselves that
            • turn into good decision habits
            • help them advocate for themselves
      • Learn how to make good decisions that positively impact their future



If you have questions about the Workshops or Decision Fair, please contact:

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