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SDP Icon - "Heart of DA" Version

Heart of DA Workshop 

During DAAG 2015, there was a workshop entitled the Heart of DA workshop, during which participants reflected on these questions:

  • What about DA "speaks” to you?
  • What about DA deeply resonates with you?
  • What parts of DA have you internalized?
  • Considering your personal world view, what about DA
      • "strikes a chord” and fits with it?
      • significantly altered it?

Participants then answered one of these questions by recording a story from their experience on a note card.  In addition to the story, they wrote down key themes embedded in their story.  Stories were then shared in pairs and at table groups.  Table members identified the most impactful stories, which were shared with the entire group.  All participants were encouraged to stop in the video booth during the conference and have their story recorded.

Post Workshop Output

At the end of the workshop, participants submitted their story note cards.  After the conference, the themes from all the notecards were counted and grouped into themes.  Those themes were used to create a new version of the SDP icon.  The more times a theme was listed by participants, the larger that word appears in the icon.  

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