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Creating Value from Uncertainty and Flexibility
Reidar Bratvold, 2018 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Capacity Planning in the Biopharmaceutical Industry
Phil Beccue, White Deer Partners, 2017 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

On improving decision quality in medical sciences
Eyas Raddad and Charles Benson, 2015 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

The Psychology of Decision Making
Jay Russo, 2013 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Probability Elicitation and Calibration in a Research & Development Portfolio: A 13-Year Case Study
Jay Andersen, 2011 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Conducting a Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis and Calibration
Group Discussion, Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis Interest Group

Evolution of emotions and Decision Analysis (DA)
Presented by Elayne Ko, Eyas Raddad, Somik Raha at 2018 DAAG Conference in Vancouver. In this session on Emotions and DA: Is There a Role for Emotions and Meaning in Decision Analysis?, this talk introduces some ideas and questions about how to incorporate emotions into DA.

Making Decisions in a Polarized World
Presented by Patrick Leach (Independent Consultant) at 2017 DAAG Conference in New Orleans. In this session on Learning and Organization, this talk discusses how people seek out and believe evidence that supports their beliefs, and possible approaches to mitigating this tendency.

Building and Nurturing the Company Culture You Want
Presented by Patrick Leach (Independent Consultant) at 2017 DAAG Conference in New Orleans. In this session on Culture, this talk discusses the relationship between previously held beliefs and new evidence.

Facilitating Choices: Teaching the System to Change Without Resistance
Presented by Sharon Drew Morgen (Morgen Facilitations) at 2013 DAAG Conference in Austin. These talks explores the human side of decision-making and introduce perspectives that are complementary to decision analysis and have a proven record for success in business.

Insights from the Brain Sciences for Decision Professionals
Presented by Carl Spetzler (Strategic Decisions Group) at 2010 DAAG Conference in Orlando. Recent technological advances in brain imaging and insights into brain functioning provide new opportunities for uncovering the neurological underpinnings of mental functions including decision making.

Nassim Taleb’s Black Swan and Decision Analysis
Presented by Jack Kloeber (Kromite) at 2010 DAAG Conference in Orlando. Discussion of Black Swan phenomena and how to incorporate into Decision Analysis.

Quantifying and Mitigating Splitting Biases in Value Trees
Presented by Sarah K. Jacobi and Benjamin F. Hobbs (Johns Hopkins University) at 2006 DAAG Conference in Baltimore. Discussion of biases due to how objectives hierarchies are set up and assessed in multi-objective problems and how splitting the trees impacts results.

Should You Trust Your Gut? Psychological weaknesses in human beings when we try to make decisions in the face of uncertainty
Presented by Pat Leach (Decision Strategies) at 2006 DAAG Conference in Baltimore. Discussion of some common biases and how to use your intellect and gut to sort it out.

Historic Studies on the Psychology of Decision Making
Presented by Jessica Hayden (Centacor) and Harry Eckerson (Decision Strategies) at 2005 DAAG Conference in Philadelphia. Discussion of many of the common biases that occur in decision making.

Partition Dependence and Subjective Probabilities: Problem and Solution
Presented by Bob Clemen (Duke University) with Craig Fox and Canan Ulu at 2005 DAAG Conference in Philadelphia. Discusses various cognitive biases and innovative ways to minimize their occurrence and impacts.

Handbook of Decision Analysis
by Gregory S. Parnell, Terry A. Bresnick, Steven N. Tani, Eric R. Johnson (SDP Fellows)
Fills a gap in decision analysis literature, featuring both soft personal/interpersonal skills and the hard technical skills involving mathematics and modeling.
continue to: amazon.com

Value Focused Thinking
by Ralph Keeney (SDP Fellow)
A classic in the field of Decision Analysis, and for anyone seeking to make better decisions.
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Making Hard Decisions
by Robert T. Clemen (SDP Fellow) and Terence Reilly
Updated 3rd edition, with software and tutorials in Palisade's DecisionTools Suite.
continue to: cengagebrain.com

The Principles and Applications of Decision Analysis (the "Blue Books")
by Ronald A. Howard and James Matheson (SDP Fellows)
Classic reference, 2 volumes. The link below will take you to the Amazon link, and to a full description with links to some of the chapters.

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