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How sure are you? A discussion with Prof. Steven Goodman on the epistemology of clinical research and DA

Prof. Steven Goodman, Stanford University
June 19, 2019 (SDP Webinar Invited Talk, Best of DAAG 2019 )

Abstract: The conclusions of clinical research are commonly reported with a "p-valueā€¯ to help communicate the statistical significance of the results. However, the relationship between the p-value of a study which tests the efficacy of a new therapy and the likelihood that the therapy will provide benefit is frequently misunderstood. Concepts used in decision analysis, such as Bayesian analysis, may provide a more transparent interpretation of clinical research. A first step in helping drive adoption of such concepts is to understand the gulf between the DA community and the mindset of most clinical researchers and regulatory authorities.

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Keywords: analysis and modeling anamod, cognitive biases cogbias

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