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Evolution of emotions and Decision Analysis (DA)

Presenters and facilitators: Elayne Ko (Pfizer), Eyas Raddad (Eli Lilly), Somik Raha (SmartOrg)

Presented at the 2018 DAAG Conference in Vancouver.  In Session 5: Emotions and DA: Is there a role for emotions and meaning in decision analysis?

Abstract: If emotions are often a source of bias in decision-making, what happens to those people who are unable to incorporate emotions in decision-making due to brain damage? Instead of becoming better decision-makers, they get much worse, according to the last two decades of neuroscience research. Decision Analysis has often viewed emotions in decision-making as a source of biases for decision-making. Science has now shown this view to be incomplete. The human executive function is intimately connected to emotions. In this session, we create a space to examine how emotions can contribute to Decision Analysis beyond biases. We present the latest advances in neuroscience, show work that utilizes feelings to guide decision-making, and explore the evolution of decision quality to incorporate emotions in a way that lets us make both purposeful and meaningful decisions.

Keywords: emotions, framing and structuring framestruc, cognitive biases cogbias

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