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Group Decision Making: How can we make it work better?

Etiƫnne Rouwette , Prof. of Intervention Methodology, Radboud University, NL
January 15, 2020 (Joint SDP/DAS Invited Talk)

In companies and public organizations alike, complex or sensitive decisions are often the responsibility of groups rather than individuals. Groups bring a broader set of information to bear, can combine their ideas creatively and by working together create commitment and ownership for proposed actions. Why then do groups so often fail to realize their potential? This webinar looks at how decision makers, experts and other stakeholders work together in a group and what research tells us about traditional, unsupported decision making. We then look at how to improve process and outcomes. Practical, well-tested methods for helping groups make decisions are presented.

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Keywords: framing and structuring framestruc, soft skills and facilitation ssfacil, cognitive biases cogbias

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