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Building and Nurturing the Company Culture You Want

Presenter: Patrick Leach, Independent Consultant

Presented at the 2017 DAAG Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.  In Session 1: Culture

Abstract: Developing and sustaining a positive company culture is devilishly difficult due to a number of factors, including the fact that different types of people (liberals, conservatives, and libertarians) weight and interpret basic human values very differently. In addition, Chip and Dan Heath have shown that evidence alone very rarely causes someone to change his or her mind; there must also be an emotional appeal that makes people feel good about what they have decided to do or believe. This presentation will focus on several approaches (from Jonathan Haidt, the Heath brothers, David Snowden, and Katherine Rosback) to dealing with these complexities, so as to develop and sustain a healthy work atmosphere in one’s company. Keywords: cognitive biases cogbias, culture cultr, organizational capability orgcap, implementation of DA implda, politics

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