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Talking to Death: The Role of Decision Support in Global Public Health – Elimination of Hepatitis B and C Case Study
Homie Razavi, 2022 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Modeling Geographic Preferences for Policy Decisions
Jay Simon, 2019 Joint SDP/DAS Webinar (Invited Talk)

Applications in Aerospace: Decision Quality and Mission Command
Steven Glickman, 2019 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Exploring Management Options in the Grand Canyon with Formal Decision Analysis
Michael Runge, US Geological Survey, 2016 SDP Webinar co-sponsored by the Decision Analysis Society (Invited Talk)

Turning Water into Wine: Decision Analysis Applied to Water Issues in the Heart of Napa
Timothy Nieman, 2015 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Integrated Decision Making in the United States Marine Corps
Meredith Brown, 2014 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Air Force Cyber Investment Decision Analysis
Gregory Parnell, 2012 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Exploratory decision analysis and surprises: The future of the automobile
Max Henrion, 2012 SDP Webinar (Invited Talk)

Why Does 21st Century Polling Fail? Why Do It?
By Steve Roemerman, San Francisco Chapter Meeting

Decision Making Under Uncertainty in the Water Sector
By Thomas Chesnutt, San Francisco Chapter Meeting

Keynote: Lessons in Decision Making from the Columbia Space Shuttle Accident
Keynote address by Edward Rogers, NASA at 2021 DAAG Conference, online.

Fairer Fares: Engaging Citizens And Decision Makers in Tradeoff Decisions For Public Transit
Presented by Lyle Walker (TransLink) at 2018 DAAG Conference in Vancouver. In this session on Involving Communities of Interest in the Decision Process, his talk highlights the application of a Structured Decision Making approach to pricing fares for the Metro Vancouver transit system.

The Value of Streamgage Information: A case study evaluating the use and value of streamgage data for culvert design and operations
Presented by Emily Pindilli (US Geological Survey) at 2017 DAAG Conference in New Orleans. In this session on Information Value, this talk discusses considers the use and value of streamflow information for the design and operation of culverts.

Turning the Supertanker - Structured Decision‐Making at BC Hydro
Presented by Basil Stumborg (BC Hydro) at 2016 DAAG Conference in Banff. In this session on Capital Decision Making Under Resource Constrained Circumstances, this presentation provides an overview of the use of Structured Decision Making in BC Hydro.

Supporting Landscape Level Planning and Management with DA-facilitated Integrated Science Modeling
Presented by Karen Jenni (USGS) and Tim Nieman (Decision Application) at 2016 DAAG Conference in Banff. In this session on Societal and Non-Profit Decision Making, this talk discusses the unique and interesting modeling and communication challenges associated with effective decision support in very large, complex multiple stakeholder situations.

Exploring Management Options in the Grand Canyon w Formal Decision Analysis
Keynote address presented by Michael Runge (US Geological Survey) at 2016 DAAG Conference in Banff. This talk provides an example of how to use formal decision analysis methods in the context of an Environmental Impact Statement to integrate value judgments and scientific evidence in the evaluation of natural resource management alternatives.

Climate Change and Climate Engineering
Presented by Eric Bickel (University of Texas) at 2013 DAAG Conference in Austin. Application of Decision Analysis to decisions about pursuing climate engineering for addressing climate change.

Rethinking Decision Analysis
Presented by Gregory Parnell at 2012 DAAG Conference in Chicago. Decision analysts can benefit from the best practices in both single and multiple objective decision analysis, including application of these ideas in a Cyberspace Investment Planning Model for Air Force Space Command.

Cleaner Analysis: Quicker Decision, Three Examples from Government
Presented by Mark Powell (Attwater Consulting) at 2011 DAAG Conference in Houston. Three examples of the issues encountered when making technical decisions for government projects, including two NASA projects and one US Coast Guard project.

Theory, Best Practices, and An Illustrative Example
Presented by Gregory Parnell (US Military Academy) at 2011 DAAG Conference in Houston. Discussion and examples of defining objectives and metrics for measuring them.

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