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Air Force Cyber Investment Decision Analysis 

Presented by Dr. Gregory Parnell, Air Force Space Command
Oct 24, 2012 (SDP Webinar - Invited Talk)

The Air Force Space Command investment planning process for Air Force Space and Cyberspace capabilities uses a multiple objective value model to assess the value of each investment option and an optimization model to ensure that all programmatic constraints are satisfied.  Since the Command was given responsibility for the Cyberspace three years ago, they made incremental improvements each year.  This cycle they transformed the Cyberspace model to four capabilities: build infrastructure, defend cyber domain, command & control of cyberspace assets, and attack adversaries.  The analytic framework used four modules that map resources to capabilities:  an architecture value model and probabilistic models for defend network, command and control, and attack.  The new analytic structure enabled analysis at the level necessary to inform investment decisions by senior leaders.  Our discussion describes the Cyberspace model and the lessons learned from model development and successful use. 

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Keywords: evaluation anamod, portfolio decision analysis portda, multi-objective multobj, military, government, optimization optz, modeling modtree, constraints, 

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