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SDP membership is open to any individual in good standing who pays dues and agrees to SDP's Professional Code. Society members come from a variety of professional backgrounds practicing in industry, commerce, government, education, or research. SDP is sensitive to the needs of all its members, and therefore offers a range of different types of membership. 

SDP Members Types:

Regular: $250.00
Employee of Sponsor Organization*: $150.00 
Academic: $150.00
Retired: $150.00
Full-Time Student: Free

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* Membership discount available to employees of Sponsor Organizations of $100 on the Society‚Äôs $250 annual membership fee. Don't see your company name in the Sponsor list but interested in sponsoring? Contact us HERE
SDP Sponsor Organizations are: CDA, Chevron, Decision Frameworks, CNOOC, Shell, SmartOrg, Strategic Decisions Group, Texas Executive Education McCombs. 

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