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SDP membership is open to any individual in good standing who pays dues and agrees to SDP's Professional Code. Society members come from a variety of professional backgrounds practicing in industry, commerce, government, education, or research. SDP is sensitive to the needs of all its members, and therefore offers a range of different types of membership.

SDP strives to be the world forum on decision making. Get an inside look at the exciting benefits and opportunities that come with joining a group of like-minded people committed to making GREAT DECISIONS EVERY TIME! Our membership brochure contains all the details you need to make an informed decision. Learn about our programs, events, discounts, and more. Don't miss out – download your brochure now!

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SDP Members Types:

Regular: $250.00
Employee of Sponsor Organization*: $150.00 
Academic: $150.00
Retired: $150.00
Full-Time Student: Free

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* Membership discount available to employees of Sponsor Organizations of $100 on the Society’s $250 annual membership fee. Don't see your company name in the Sponsor list but interested in sponsoring? Contact us HERE
SDP Sponsor Organizations are: CDA, Chevron, Decision Frameworks, CNOOC, Shell, SmartOrg, Strategic Decisions Group, Texas Executive Education McCombs. 

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