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Determining the Value of an Asset for Portfolio Selection
Presented by Rick Bayney (BristolMyersSquibb) at 2002 DAAG Conference in Las Vegas. Discussion of portfolio analysis where there are technical and commercial dependencies among projects.

DA at Bristol-Myers Squibb
Presented by Kazuo Ezawa (BristolMyersSquibb) at 2002 DAAG Conference in Las Vegas. Discussion of the evolution of DA at the company and the challenges and keys to success in implementation.

Are you ready for the MODA of all portfolio prioritization approaches or is SODA still appropriate?
Presented by Jeff Stonebreaker (Bayer) at 2001 DAAG Conference in Houston. Multi-objective analysis applied to portfolio problems in Bayer.

Five Essential Keys to Successful Portfolio Management
Presented by Stuart Harris (GlaxoSmithKline) at 2001 DAAG Conference in Houston. Overview of portfolio management and five keys - corporate buy-in, risk management, revenue stream, efficiency of investment, and profit.

Killing Off Your Company through Portfolio Analysis
Presented by Bill Haskett (Unocal) at 1998 DAAG Conference in San Francisco. A tongue-in-cheek view of the steps involved with portfolio analysis.

Portfolio Strategy Selection Under Uncertainty
Presented by Brian Putt (Chevron) at 1998 DAAG Conference in San Francisco. A discussion of ways to identify growth strategies in the upstream oil business that are consistent with company portfolio opportunities, objectives and risk preferences using a quantitative model.

Handbook of Decision Analysis
by Gregory S. Parnell, Terry A. Bresnick, Steven N. Tani, Eric R. Johnson (SDP Fellows)
Fills a gap in decision analysis literature, featuring both soft personal/interpersonal skills and the hard technical skills involving mathematics and modeling.
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The Principles and Applications of Decision Analysis (the "Blue Books")
by Ronald A. Howard and James Matheson (SDP Fellows)
Classic reference, 2 volumes. The link below will take you to the Amazon link, and to a full description with links to some of the chapters.

Portfolio Decision Analysis: Improved Methods for Resource Allocation
by Ahti Salo, Jeffrey Keisler (SDP Fellow), Alec Morton, Editors
A diverse and up-to-date coverage of Portfolio Decision Analysis.
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Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder
by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Some readers will find Taleb's brashness off-putting; others will embrace it as a charismatic component of the ideas themselves.
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Economic Evaluations and Investment Decision Methods
by John M. Stermole and Franklin J. Stermole
Introduction to the concepts of time value of money and the related decision criteria used to evaluate investments.
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Enterprise Project Portfolio Analysis
by Richard M. Bayney and Ram Chakravarti
On building competencies for R&D and IT investment success.
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Six steps to making a Quality Decision
Steve Begg, Publications (Journal Article)

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