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DA and Culture: Finally the Twain Shall Meet 

Presented by Rob Kleinbaum, SDP Fellow (SDP Webinar - Invited Talk)

Most of us are in the business of making the right thing happen. Every experienced practitioner knows that culture matters, we see it in many of our projects, and know it can contribute to our success and failure. Thanks to scholars who have studied the role of culture in the prosperity nations, we have a new model of culture in business that is credible and decision relevant.

In this talk, Kleinbaum will describe the overall theory, how it impacts decision quality, and what to do about it. He also discusses how to use culture to "supercharge" problem solving, therefore making DA much more effective. DA practitioners, however, are well positioned to improve a company‚Äôs culture and be more effective problem solvers, if they are willing learn a new set of tools. 

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Keywords: organizational capability orgcap, culture cultr, organizational structure, decision quality decqual, implementation of da implda

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