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So you want to be a Decision Professional? What it takes to be one and why you are so needed!

Panelists: Eric Bickel, UT Austin - Ashlee Burke, Intel - Eric Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb - Carl Spetzler, SDG
SDP Membership Council Moderators: George Cleveland, Red Hat Corporation & Dan Hudson, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
November 2, 2017 (SDP Webinar Invited Talk)

Are you interested in a pursuing a career as a Decision Professional? Are you a Decision Professional looking to move into a new industry? Navigating the many career opportunities available to those interested in our field can be tough given the breadth of industries that apply decision analysis, the range and depth of desired skills within those industries, and the variety of roles involved. To help understand the skills, education and experience that employers desire and maximize your chances of success in our field, we’ve asked a panel of experienced decision professionals to share how their career paths evolved, what they look for when hiring and the skills required to succeed within and across their respective industries. Whether you’re a student who’s looking to join the field for the first time, or an experienced professional looking to make the leap to a new industry, this webinar is for you!

Click on the file below to hear the presentation (no membership required).  

Keywords: organizational capability orgcap, value of da valueda, training and development train devel

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