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Making Music: A Thousand Tiny Decisions

Beth Outland, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
April 12, 2017 (SDP Webinar Invited Talk)

Beth's talk masterfully ties together the three conceptual pillars of DAAG 2017: culture, choices, change. Although her context is musical, the learnings and insights she will share are directly applicable to all organizations. As she presents her material, you will hear the terms "musician," "conservatory," "ensemble," and "orchestra." Taking her narrative to heart and translating these words into "analyst or scientist," "university or employer," "team," and "organization" will enable one to easily understand the importance of her messages to organizations and businesses of all manner and in every sector, both public and private.

An orchestral performance is a sequence of a thousand split second decisions simultaneously executed by dozens of independently creative individuals. Whether that results in noise, notes or breathtaking artistry is built on a cultural house of cards that is constantly evolving. What do the great ensembles of the world know about transforming notes on a page to a transcendent musical experience?

Connecting people with inspiring musical experiences that meet community needs – is the driving purpose of the ISO Learning Community (LC) developed and overseen by Beth Perdue Outland at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. By understanding the needs and aspirations of the community the Learning Community team designs and delivers programs that apply the unique resources of a professional symphony in creative, engaging ways that benefit the Orchestra and the city.

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Keywords:  organizational capability orgcap, culture cultr, embedded da embedda, societal decision socdec, non-profits nonprof

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