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Framing in the Time of COVID: Lessons Learned From a Pivot to Virtual

Andrew Thrift (Teck Resources)
December 14, 2022 (SDP Invited Talk)

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic forced us all to jump with both feet into the world of virtual collaboration, catalyzing experimentation and learning in how to provide decision support remotely. This was particularly challenging for framing and ideation processes that rely on the energy from active engagement of groups. Pivoting framing workshops from in-person to virtual introduced us to new technologies and workshop design concepts that have made framing faster, easier and more agile.

We will describe how we adjusted our framing workshop design and facilitation for virtual delivery using readily accessible technologies such as virtual whiteboards, and share facilitation tips and tricks we learned along the way. We’ll also discuss how developing this virtual facilitation capability has changed our approach even without constraints on meeting in person, and suggestions for hybrid virtual/in-person facilitation.

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Keywords: framing framestruc

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