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Deep Adoption of DQ

Carl Spetzler, SDG
January 18, 2023 (SDP Invited Talk)

Abstract: To gain a deep adoption of organizational decision quality, all the leader/decision makers must own DQ. They need to:

  • apply DQ to all significant decisions
  • build strong front-end skills
  • speak the language
  • rate decisions in real time and insist on reaching the state of DQ
  • foster the appropriate behaviors before and after commitment, and
  • know when to call for the support of Decision Professionals.

We cannot just focus on the strategic decisions that require a decision project with the decision maker as customer. These are too infrequent to define the decision culture. Carl Spetzler will present this expanded vision for the adoption of DQ, and what it means for our profession.


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Keywords: organizational capability orgcap, culture cultr, adoption of DA adoptda, implementation of DA implda

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