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DAAG 2017

DAAG 2017, New Orleans, March 15-17

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Session 1: Culture
- Building and Nurturing the Company Culture You Want - Pat Leach
- The Intersection of Culture and Quality Decision Making - Eyas Raddad 
- Culture and Decision Making in the Context of Alliances; Observations and Technique - Rodger Thompson

Session 2: Risk Assessment and Management
- Refining Tier 3 Case Study - Rob Lazenby
- The Opportunity and Challenges of Predicting Employee Turnover - Cari Deloa
- Oil Market Disruption Risks - Phil Beccue

Session 3: Facilitation and Collaboration
- The Value and Danger of Story in Getting to Commitment to Action - Elayne Ko and Charles Persinger
- Facilitating collaboration across disciplines and organizations to enable integrated science modeling. - Karen Jenni

Session 4: Information Value
- Making Better Appraisal and Development Decisions Using Decision Risk Analysis and Value of Information - Pete Naylor
- The Value of Streamgage Information: A case study evaluating the use and value of streamgage data for culvert design and operations - Emily Pindilli
- Beyond Traditional VOI - Paul Papayanou

Session 5: Learning and Organization
- Combating Polarization - Pat Leach
- A "Cap and Trade" Approach to Assessing Technical Success Probabilities in Pharma - Chris Dalton
- On the path to Organizational Decision Quality - Successes and Challenges of an Electric Cooperative - Chris Lang and Naoki Shimoda

Session 6: Portfolio and Strategy Development
- Nexen’s Long Lake Business Continuity Program – Strategic Change from Emergency - Nick Wallat
- The relationship between Portfolio and Organizational Development- A Case Study - Leslie Lippard

Session 7: Coaching and Knowledge Transfer
- I learned about DA from That! - Rodget Thompson
- A Quest for World Class DA and DQ: Sustaining Positive Change - Len Falsone
- Coaching - An Approach to Decision Facilitation - Margaret Barrett

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