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Using the Hippocratic Oath to Provide a Surrogate for Client Utility Functions

Presenter: Robert F. Bordley, General Motors

Presented at the 2009 DAAG Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. Session 6 - Is It Worth It? Using DA to Measure Benefit Against Risk

As budgets tighten around the globe, expenditures are coming under ever more scrutiny. For example, within the pharmaceutical sector, there is increasing interest in understanding trade-offs between benefits and risks of medicines, both for the sake of public safety and as a means of deciding whether a medicine should be provided through a payment program. A number of calls have been made for decision analytic methods to help drive forward thinking in a productive way. This session includes case studies of the use of decision analysis to weigh benefits against risks in a single analysis.

Example of how the Hippocratic Oath can be an accessible way to get at utility functions for some clients and patients. Keywords: framing framestruc, medicine, physician, patient, medical decisions meddec, 

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