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Fundamentals of Decision Quality

Presented by Bruce Judd - SDG and SDP Fellow, 
SDP Webinar - DA Fundamentals Series

This webinar is for relatively new "DQ professionals," i.e., those who support senior executives in making complex, long-term strategic decisions. By "relatively new" we mean those preparing to join or who have recently joined the profession. You might be serving, for example, in a company's internal decision support organization, a consulting company, or as an individual. 

Our goals are for you to understand DQ and how it is applied to complex decisions. This talk also discusses ways to coach your customers -- senior executives -- so they understand, demand, and can benefit from DQ. We've learned (often the hard way) what doesn't work with senior executives, and from those experiences we've learned what does work well. We'll share with you what we've learned.

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Keywords: framing, framing framestruc, project execution projexec, decision quality decqual, organization capability orgcap, coaching, process, DRB, learning organization, implementation of DA implda

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