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Decision Skills: Decision Quality Changes Lives

Chris Spetzler, Decision Education Foundation
August 19, 2015 (SDP Webinar - Invited Talk)

Your decision insight changes lives. You know the power of Decision Quality in your professional life. You’ve seen personal decisions improved by these concepts, including your own. Having witnessed this value, don’t you want to help others realize it? Decision Education Foundation pursues that vision of helping individuals learn skills to make better decisions: Better Decisions, Better Lives. We focus our efforts on youth and we want to bring you on board. 

DEF has developed a portfolio of effective materials and demonstrated their value in a variety of settings. This session will bring you up to speed and show you how DEF volunteers have: 
1) A high probability of a fulfilling experience, 
2) delivering material that matters, 
3) while having fun and making meaningful contributions to students’ lives. 

DEF partners share what makes the material compelling to educators, how to explain that value and how to get started within the educational system. Decision Professionals will understand how DEF’s recent progress builds on prior experience, increases credibility and creates new program options. Supporters will learn how to get involved, work directly with youth, or increase DEF’s impact in other ways that align with their interests.

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